Top Choice Christmas in Gengenbach

Gengenbach Advent Calendar

Every December, Gengenbach rekindles childhood memories of opening tiny windows when the Rathaus morphs into the world’s biggest Advent calendar. At 6pm daily, one of 24 windows is opened to reveal a festive scene. …
Carnival in Haslach

Elzach Fasnacht

Trallaho! Wearing hand-carved masks and tricorn hats adorned with snail shells, Schuttige (ghoulish masked characters) dash through Elzach’s streets cracking Saublodere (pig bladders) – dodge them unless you wish fo…
Carnival in Schiltach

Schramberg Fasnacht

Parade protagonists include the hoorige Katz (hairy cat) and the hopping Hans. Even more spectacular, however, is Da-Bach-Na-Fahrt, where characters hurtle down the river in wooden bathtubs. Schramberg is 10km south…