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Top Choice Microbrewery in Jever

Altstadtbrauerei Marienbräu

Brick dividing walls and a blue-and-white-tiled fireplace give this microbrew-pub, named for beloved ruler Fraülein Maria, a homey feel. For an alternative to the ever-present Jever pilsener, try one of the four mai…
Palace in Jever

Schloss Museum Jever

An onion-shaped dome is (literally) the crowning feature of Jever’s 14th-century Schloss (palace). The town’s 18th-century Russian rulers added it to the palace built by Fräulein Maria’s grandfather, chieftain Edo W…
Textiles in Jever


Craftspeople in East Frisia have been using indigo dye to make patterned white-and-blue batik cloth for centuries; this little workshop on a back lane continues the tradition with cloth hand-dyed on the premises, wh…
German in Jever

An Der Schlachte

This popular restaurant with friendly service specialises in local fish and seafood – North Sea crab, perch, plaice and salmon, to name a few – but also has modern takes on classic German recipes for chicken, pork a…
German in Jever

Haus der Getreuen

Set in an historic building with a pleasant atmosphere, Haus der Getreuen is well known for its tasty regional dishes, especially fish. In warm weather there's outdoor seating in the Biergarten.
Coffee in Jever

Zschoppes Kaffeewerk

Grab an espresso or cappuccino from coffee beans roasted right on the premises at this cafe-roastery. There are a few cakes to choose from as accompaniment. It's behind the restaurant 'Der Butt'.
Church in Jever


Many of Jever’s sights are in some way connected to Fräulein Maria, the last of Jever’s chieftains. The most spectacular is the lavish memorial tomb of her father, Edo Wiemken (1468–1511), found in the central Stadt…
Ceremony in Jever


The 16 bells of this glockenspiel, donated to the town in 1983, ring out a variety of tunes six times a day while five wooden figures of Jever's most important rulers – including Edo Wiemken the Younger, his daughte…