Ingolstadt attractions

Church in Ingolstadt

Asamkirche Maria de Victoria

The Altstadt’s crown jewel is the Asamkirche Maria de Victoria, a baroque masterpiece designed by brothers Cosmas Damian and Egid Quirin Asam between 1732 and 1736. The church’s mesmerising trompe l’oeil ceiling, pa…
Factory in Ingolstadt

Audi Factory

Ingolstadt is home to the famous Audi factory that sprawls to the north of the city centre. The two-hour 'Production in a Nutshell' tours of the plant take you through the entire Audi production process, from the me…
Church in Ingolstadt


Ingolstadt’s biggest church was established by Duke Ludwig the Bearded in 1425 and enlarged over the next century. This classic Gothic hall church has a pair of strangely oblique square towers that flank the main en…
Museum in Ingolstadt

Audi Forum – Museum Mobile

The excellent Audi Forum exhibits on three floors chart Audi's humble beginnings in 1899 to its latest dream machines such as the R8. Some 50 cars and 20 motorbikes are on display, including prototypes that glide pa…
Museum in Ingolstadt

Museum für Konkrete Kunst

This unique art museum showcases works and installations from the Concrete Movement, all of a bafflingly abstract nature and certainly an acquired taste. The movement was defined and dominated by interwar artists Ma…
Museum in Ingolstadt

Lechner Museum

This unusual art museum highlights works cast in steel, a medium that's more expressive than you might think. Exhibits are displayed in a striking glass-covered factory hall dating from 1953.
Palace in Ingolstadt

Neues Schloss

The ostentatious Neues Schloss was built for Duke Ludwig the Bearded in 1418. Fresh from a trip to wealth-laden France, Ludwig borrowed heavily from Gallic design and created a residence with 3m-thick walls, Gothic …
Museum in Ingolstadt

Deutsches Medizinhistorisches Museum

Located in the stately Alte Anatomie (Old Anatomy) at the university, this sometimes rather gory museum chronicles the evolution of medical science as well as the many (scary) instruments and techniques used. Unless…
Museum in Ingolstadt

Bayerisches Polizeimuseum

The museum complex at Neues Schloss includes the Bayerisches Polizeimuseum, which lives in the Turm Triva, built at the same time as the complex's Reduit Tilly. Exhibitions trace the story of Bavarian police and the…
Historic Building in Ingolstadt


The Gothic Kreuztor (1385) was one of the four main gates into the city until the 19th century and its redbrick fairy-tale outline is now the emblem of Ingolstadt. This and the main gate within the Neues Schloss are…