Top Choice Castle in Heidelberg

Schloss Heidelberg

Towering over the Altstadt, Heidelberg’s ruined Renaissance castle cuts a romantic figure, especially across the Neckar River when illuminated at night. Attractions include the world's largest wine cask and fabulous…
Top Choice Trail in Heidelberg


Winding past monuments, towers, ruins, a beer garden and an enormous Thingstätte (amphitheatre; built by the Nazis in 1935), the 2.5km-long Philosophers’ Walk has captivating views of Heidelberg's Schloss, especiall…
Hall in Heidelberg

Alte Aula

A ticket to the Studentenkarzer gets you into the Alte Aula and an exhibition on the university's history, inside the Alte Universität.
Park in Heidelberg

Botanischer Garten der Universität

Orchids, ferns and Madagascan succulents thrive in the verdant University Botanical Garden, part of the university’s right-bank Neuenheimer Feld campus. The garden is 2.5km northwest of Bismarckplatz, served by tram…
Museum in Heidelberg

Deutsches Apotheken-Museum

The German Pharmacy Museum, off the Schlosshof at Schloss Heidelberg, illustrates the history of Western pharmacology, in which Germany played a central role. Exhibits include pharmacies from the early 1700s and the…
Church in Heidelberg


For bird’s-eye views, climb 208 stairs to the top of the tower of Heidelberg's famous church, constructed between 1344 and 1441, which was shared by Catholics and Protestants from 1706 until 1936 (it's now Protestan…
Museum in Heidelberg

Kurpfälzisches Museum

The city-run Palatinate Museum has well-presented exhibits on Heidelberg’s eventful history and is especially strong on the Roman period – exhibits include original wood beams from a 3rd-century bridge. To learn abo…
Historic Site in Heidelberg


From 1823 to 1914, students convicted of misdeeds such as public inebriation, loud nocturnal singing, freeing the local pigs or duelling were sent to this student jail for at least 24 hours. Judging by the inventive…
Museum in Heidelberg


The University Library was built in massive Wilhelmian style from 1901 to 1905. Upstairs you can see rare books and prints from its superb collections in the corner Ausstellungsraum (exhibition room).
Notable Building in Heidelberg


The Schatzkammer of the Jesuitenkirche displays precious religious artefacts.