Fireworks in Heidelberg

Heidelberger Schlossbeleuchtung

The Schloss, the Alte Brücke and the Altstadt are lit up by fantastic fireworks that commemorate the French assault on the Schloss in 1693. The best views are from both banks of the Neckar, west of the Alte Brücke.
Street Carnival in Heidelberg

Heidelberger Herbst

Heidelberg's huge street party has music, arts and crafts, buskers, food and general merrymaking throughout the Altstadt on the last Saturday of September, with events also taking place the following day.
Cultural in Worms


The saga of the Burgundian kingdom is celebrated at the two-week Nibelungen-Festspiele, featuring theatre productions on an open-air stage in front of Worms' Cathedral.
Christmas Market in Heidelberg


Around 140 stalls take over the Altstadt’s public squares, including the Marktplatz, Universitätsplatz and the Kornmarkt, during Heidelberg’s magical Christmas market.