Club in Hanover

Café Glocksee

Part live-music venue, part club, the Glocksee has everything from techno and trance DJs to grungy gigs. Take tram 10 or 17 to Goetheplatz.
Live Music in Hanover


This former movie theatre has rock, pop, house, soul and more on weekends and frequently during the week. Take tram 9 or 17 to Schwarzer Bär.
Performing Arts in Hanover

Kulturzentrum Faust

Ska from Uruguay, Chinese new year festivals, disco, reggae, heavy-metal gigs, hip hop, multimedia installations, quiz evenings, book readings and film evenings – all this happens, and more, in this former factory c…
Performing Arts in Hanover

Musiktheater Bad

In this large old building and its surrounding grounds, you’ll find a mixed bag of live music, music theatre and dance offerings. It’s great in summer when there’s an outdoor stage. Take tram 5 to Herrenhäuser Markt…
Gay in Hanover


A cafe and bar with lots of events. Take the tram 3, 7 or 9 to Sedanstrasse/Listermeile.
Cinema in Hanover


This spacious art-house cinema is on the top floor of a magnificent expressionist building designed by Fritz Höger, the architect of Hamburg’s Chilehaus. Check listing times, as the box office only opens just before…
Theatre in Hanover

GOP Varieté Theatre

An old-school type of variety theatre with dancing, acrobatics, circus-style acts, magic, music and more, housed in the Georgspalast. It also boasts a much-lauded restaurant.
Performing Arts in Hanover

Marlene Bar & Bühne

Hanover’s popular cabaret venue.
Theatre in Hanover

Neues Theater

Excellent performances of contemporary theatre.
Performing Arts in Hanover


This huge circular venue has a cafe-bar, theatre and various rooms used as venues where you can catch a wide program of jazz, off-beat rock, world music and whatever else anyone decides to put on there.