Top Choice Gardens in Hanover

Herrenhäuser Gärten

Proof that Hanover is not all buttoned-down business are the grandiose baroque Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen, about 5km north of the city centre, which are considered one of the most important historic garden landsc…
Top Choice Museum in Hanover

Sprengel Museum

The Sprengel Museum is held in extremely high esteem, both for the design of the building as well as for the art housed inside. Its huge interior spaces are perfectly suited to displaying its modern figurative, abst…
Top Choice Historic Building in Hanover

Neues Rathaus

An excellent way to get your bearings in Hanover is to visit the Neues Rathaus (built 1901–13) and travel 98m to the top in the curved lift (the only one of its kind) inside its green dome. There are four observatio…
Gardens in Hanover

Grosser Garten

The jewel in the crown of the Herrenhäuser Gärten is grand both in format and history, having been laid out as a baroque garden in 1714 under the tutelage of the French landscape gardener Martin Charbonnier. The gar…
Museum in Hanover

Museum Schloss Herrenhäusen

Opened in 2013, this spectacular reconstruction was built to the original plans for the early-19th-century palace that was destroyed by bombing in 1943. It features an authentic facade and a state-of-the-art modern …
Beach in Hanover


This popular swimming beach is situated on the southeast bank of the Maschsee, Hanover’s large lake, where you’ll also find inline skaters gliding by in the shade of neighbouring trees. The closest stop is Döhrener …
Memorial in Hanover


In 1943 this former Gothic church dating from 1347 was bombed. It was never repaired or reconstructed and today stands as a reminder to the horrors of war. Inside the ruin is the Peace Bell donated by sister city Hi…
Gardens in Hanover


The oldest botanical garden in Germany is redolent with a mind-boggling assortment of global flora and features 300-year-old lime trees lining an avenue leading to a mausoleum holding the remains of George I of Engl…
Gallery in Hanover

Kestner Gesellschaft

It’s always worth checking listings for the Kestner Gesellschaft. Having exhibited works by Otto Dix, Georg Grosz, Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee before they became famous, the society is still originating shows th…
Museum in Hanover

Museum August Kestner

Decorative arts through the ages are the focal point of the Kestner Museum, where you’ll see everything from Bauhaus-style cutlery to a very impressive collection of Greek and Egyptian antiquities.