Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Altona & Elbmeile

Atelier Nigoh

Original prints and postcards, many of which are pop-art originals and signed by the artist, Nina Hasselluhn herself, are worth browsing through at this lovely small studio. We especially like the silhouette pieces …
Homewares in Altona & Elbmeile

Wohnkultur 66

What began as an obsession with world-renowned Danish furniture-maker Finn Juhl has turned into a more open love affair with Danish design in general. Many of these pieces are works of art and are priced accordingly…
Homewares in Altona & Elbmeile

Søstrene Grene

The Altona outpost of this designer (yet affordable) Danish homewares shop is a neighbourhood favourite and has an array of homewares that capture the essence of Scandinavian design – simple yet stylish, functional …
Shoes in Altona & Elbmeile


Stylish shoe heaven: rare brands of women's shoes plus Krupka's own designs are sold in this leather-scented shop. It's one of many alluring boutiques in the immediate area.
Homewares in Altona & Elbmeile


Furniture designs from the 1920s to 1960s, updated for a modern audience, make for a fascinating trip through German home design. There's so much you'll want to buy, with prices for the more modern pieces very reaso…