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Tbilisi Mtskheta 1 day tour

Tbilisi is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. Situated at the junction of Europe and Asia,this multinational, multilingual, diverse city with its ancient sights, baths, beautiful architecture and ultra-modern Peace Bridge or Shardeni Street will enchant you. Harmony in diversity - this is Tbilisi! In this tour you will see:Narikala FortressTbilisi Botanical Garden•Old TbilisiLeghtakheviAbanotubaniShardeni streetDry BridgeHoly Trinity Cathedral of TbilisiJvari Monastery (Mtskheta)Svetitskhoveli (Mtskheta)In the ancient capital Mtskheta you will see two major historical monuments: Jvari Monastery and Svetitskhoveli. You will enjoy the beautiful view of the Mtkvari and Aragvi confluence from Jvari and the Svetitskhoveli is a crown of Georgian architecture!
5 hours
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Design and urban history tour, Tbilisi

The tour of Tbilisi tells the story of the area’s transformation from one dominated by vice to a neighbourhood dotted with fashionable cafes, shops and galleries.The virtual history flashback tour will start in 1795, when Tbilisi was totally destroyed and it has arisen from it's ashes to modern day eclectic city.The tour will demonstrate differences between the architecture of Romanov's era, Soviet Times and modern Georgia.Hidden jewels of the city that doesn't lay on the central avenue will be visited as well.And off course... Best Georgian specialty, Khinkali will be eaten after 3 hours workout... Our tour guides will show how to eat this delicious meal correctly :)
3 hours
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Wine Walk Tbilisi

This is the simplest and maybe the most delicious way to get to know the capital of Georgia. Have a rest after your flight and let us take care of you, once you are ready to explore.We show our guests the Tbilisi-est spots of the Old Town - usually not only Top-3 Obligatory Sights, but the hidden courtyards, houses saved from Sovietization and demolishing, little traditional bakeries and soda nooks... and of course, wine spots! Because wine is in our blood, and we are eager to introduce our 8000-years-old winemaking culture to everyone. And to you. Especially to you!
6 hours
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1 Day Tour, Tbilisi- Mtskheta

Tour will take you from ancient to medieval Georgia. Just walk at the small streets of old Tbilisi and fill its spirit. Here you will find churches, synagogues, mosque as well as famous 19th century houses with wooden balconies. Visit the sulphur baths and enjoy the superb panoramic views of the Old city. Located at the confluence of the Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers, Mtskheta was the ancient capital of the Eastern Georgian Kingdom from the Third Century BCE to Fifth Century CE. The favourable natural conditions, its strategic location at the intersection of trade routes, and its close relations with the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire, Syria, Palestine, and Byzantium, generated and stimulated the development of Mtskheta and led to the integration of different cultural influences with local cultural traditions.
5 hours
Kid Friendly


In this tour the travelers will visit old Town Of Tbilisi, Old Capital of Iberia, which is the holly land in Georgia like Jerusalem in Israel. the traveler will drive along Georgian Military Road to the high landed townlet Stepantsminda by the Greater Caucasus Mountains with magnificent views around the Aragvi gorge.
2 days
Kid Friendly

Happy Weekend in Georgia

Travelling, as most know, is one of the most effective way to make your life way more interesting, engaging and marvelous. Well, here’s your chance and you have to not miss it this time, it’s your chance to truly seize the day and shout “Carpe Diem”.Its the best choice if you have a few days off.So, what are you waiting for?! We’re ready to help you start your incredible adventure in Georgia!
3 days
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Walking tour in Tbilisi

● Old Tbilisi:Suphur baths; waterfall; monument "Mother of Georgia"(by cabelcar); Peace bridge.●Tbilisi national museum;● Funikuliori.Mtatsminda park -amusement park with great views and nature;● Tbilsi zoo;● Turtle lake-A lake inside city with fresh air and nice views on the city;
5 hours
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Real Tbilisi tour (skip the tourist traps and greedy tour guides)

You will see Georgia in a different way and leave with a deep cultural understanding of the country as it is today while having fun and exploring Tbilisi.This is a walking tour with a lot of stair climbing (and steep hills and elevations etc.). We'll make more than 15 000 steps during the tour. If you're in bad physical shape or have a history of heart-related diseases then please refrain from taking the tour.
5 hours
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The capitals of Georgia: Tbilisi (Current capital) - Mtskheta (former capital)

1 DAY - Start the full day Tbilisi sightseeing tour (Current capital city of Georgia)We start Tbilisi full day sightseeing from the main cathedral nearby the presidential residence of Georgia. Holy Trinity (Sameba) Cathedral is the highest among the Christian Orthodox churches (103m below the dome). Beautiful yard with unique flowers and fountains makes the entrance of the cathedral very pleasant. Next stop is Metekhi plateau, located on the rocky cliff above the River Mtkvari.Visit Tbilisi mosque, Legvtakhevi waterfall and Sulfur bathhouses. There are outdoor cafes and bars, souvenir shops and art galleries located near the Maidan square.Continue to Narikala Fortress 4th c. The fortress used to defend the city.Spend leisure time on Shardeni street and it’s neighbourhood. Meidan square is full of outdoor cafes and souvenir shops.2 DAY - Mtskheta (Former capital of Georgia)We will visit Svetitskhoveli Cathedral of 12th c. and Jvari monastery of 6th c.
2 days
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Private walking tour of Tbilisi

Welcome to our private walking tour of Old Tbilisi! Here you will discover plenty of great spots and hear plenty of interesting stories about past, present and future of Tbilisi and Georgia!
2.5 hours