Top things to do in Hamburg Region

Top Choice Historic Building in Lüneburg


The medieval Rathaus has a spectacular baroque facade, added in 1720 and decorated with coats of arms and three tiers of statues. The top row represents (from left to right): strength, trade, peace (the one with the…
Top Choice Street in Lüneburg

Am Sande

The cobbled, slightly wobbly street and square Am Sande is full of red-brick buildings with typically Hanseatic stepped gables. Even among these striking buildings, the black-and-white Industrie und Handelskammer (T…
Top Choice Bar in Lüneburg

Sa Bacca

Fronting onto Marktplatz, Sa Bacca couldn't be a more central pit stop as you explore town. The vaulted brick cellar and extravagantly tiled bar are the perfect backdrop to enjoying the city's best cocktails.
Historic Site in Hamburg Region

KZ-Gedenkstätte Neuengamme

In the 1938, the Nazis converted an old brick factory 25km southeast of Hamburg into a concentration camp. Over the next seven years, countless numbers of people were imprisoned here. At least 42,900 were killed, ei…
Square in Lüneburg


Besides the Rathaus, notable buildings around the large Markt include the Court of Justice, the little gated-in, grotto-like area with paintings depicting scenes of justice being carried out throughout the centuries…
Church in Lüneburg

St Johanniskirche

At the eastern edge of Am Sande stands the 14th-century St Johanniskirche, whose 108m-high spire leans 2.2m off centre. Local legend has it that the architect was so upset by this crooked steeple that he tried to do…
Church in Stade

St Wilhadi Kirche

Stade's oldest building is this hulking church, which has parts dating to the 14th century. Keeping the building standing to the present day has been the stuff of drama, what with wars, lightning and water-logged gr…
Cafe in Lüneburg

Anders Restaurant

You'll need a vehicle to get here and it's a bit out on a limb, but it is worth the effort. The cafe dishes here are much-loved classics – Wiener schnitzel, Currywurst and Pannfisch – but they're perfectly prepared …
Brewery in Lüneburg

Gasthausbrauerei und Brennerei Nolte

They've been brewing here since 1906; the dark beer is especially good out in the garden. Unlike many beer-centric places, food is taken seriously at this local legend; fish is house-smoked, the menu lists the prove…
German in Lüneburg

Zum Alten Brauhaus

This old-style Brauhaus (brewery) has been around in some form since the 16th century. Dishes flit effortlessly between tradition and a few outside influences – the dry-aged steak or wiener schnitzel are assuring, w…