Hamburg Region restaurants

Cafe in Lüneburg

Anders Restaurant

You'll need a vehicle to get here and it's a bit out on a limb, but it is worth the effort. The cafe dishes here are much-loved classics – Wiener schnitzel, Currywurst and Pannfisch – but they're perfectly prepared …
German in Lüneburg

Zum Alten Brauhaus

This old-style Brauhaus (brewery) has been around in some form since the 16th century. Dishes flit effortlessly between tradition and a few outside influences – the dry-aged steak or wiener schnitzel are assuring, w…
Cafe in Lüneburg

Bell & Beans

Our favourite breakfast spot in the city, Bell & Beans has a cool Berlinesque sensibility with terrific breakfasts and coffee. Locals love it too, so it can be hard to get a table.
German in Stade

Ratskeller Stade

A cut above your average Ratskeller, Stade's is on a shady back lane near St Wilhadi. It has its own brewery, fine hearty, meaty fare and plenty of outdoor tables.
International in Lüneburg

Viscvle Kitchen & Bar

With an atmosphere as fresh as the tastes they prepare in the kitchen, Viscvle is fun and ranges from veggie flatbread or bruschetta up to steaks.
Cafe in Lüneburg

Anna`s Café

Frilly and cute, Anna's has fabulous baked goods, including some alluring cakes. Breakfasts are served with verve while lunch is a mix of fresh salads, sandwiches and specials. Bric-a-brac on the tables jostles for …