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Top Choice Bar in Lüneburg

Sa Bacca

Fronting onto Marktplatz, Sa Bacca couldn't be a more central pit stop as you explore town. The vaulted brick cellar and extravagantly tiled bar are the perfect backdrop to enjoying the city's best cocktails.
Brewery in Lüneburg

Gasthausbrauerei und Brennerei Nolte

They've been brewing here since 1906; the dark beer is especially good out in the garden. Unlike many beer-centric places, food is taken seriously at this local legend; fish is house-smoked, the menu lists the prove…
Bar in Lüneburg


If Pons looks this cracked, crooked and uneven when you walk in of an evening, just imagine how it will seem when you stagger out after a few drinks. This ex-1970s hippie joint still hews to an off-kilter vibe. The …