While you won’t linger for Freudenstadt’s sights, the deep forested valleys on its fringes are worth exploring. Scenic hiking trails include a 12km uphill walk to Kniebis on the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse, where there are superb Kinzig Valley views. Ask the tourist office for details.

Mountain Biking

Jump on a mountain bike to tackle routes such as the 85km Kinzigtal-Radweg, taking in dreamy landscapes and half-timbered villages, or the 60km Murgtal-Radweg over hill and dale to Rastatt. Both valleys have bike trails and it’s possible to return to Freudenstadt by train.

Wild Herb Walks

You only need to take one look at the forests of spruce and larch around Baiersbronn, 6km northwest of Freudenstadt, to imagine what rich pickings they hide in the way of wild herbs and mushrooms. Indeed, the entire Black Forest hums with basket-wielding foragers, particularly from late spring to autumn when wild herbs, berries and mushrooms – including apricot-hued chanterelles and glossy, nut-brown ceps – begin to pop up on the forest fringes and in mossy glades. Finding them, however, is pot luck and you need to know what you’re looking for.

If you’re a beginner, consider hooking onto one of Baiersbronn’s three- to four-hour guided walks from April to October in search of wild herbs, berries and mushrooms; some are free with a guest card. See the Baiersbronn tourist office website (www.baiersbronn.de) for dates.