Top Choice Food & Drinks in Heidelberg

Heidelberger Zuckerladen

The dentures and dentist’s chair in the window of this old-time sweet shop hint at what will happen to your gnashers if you overindulge on the Zuckerladen’s bonbons, liquorice laces and fizzy sherbet.
Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Frankfurt am Main

Handwerkskunst am Römer

Exquisite handcrafted souvenirs at this timeless shop include traditional toy-soldier nutcrackers, adorable 'smokers' (incense burners) depicting peddlers, miners, organ-grinders and so on, cuckoo clocks, music boxe…
Food & Drinks in Heidelberg


In a courtyard off Hauptstrasse, foodie haven L’Épicerie is filled with luscious pralines, spices, oils and preserves.
Market in Frankfurt am Main


Hundreds of tables and blankets spread out on the pavement are piled high with an incredible array of secondhand goods at this flea market; come early for finds. It takes place on alternate weeks in Sachsenhausen, a…
Food & Drinks in Heidelberg

Bären Treff

This entire shop is dedicated to chewy gummi bear sweets (with free samples). A poster on the wall shows how they’re made.
Toys in Frankfurt am Main

Wohnen und Spielen

A Frankfurt institution, this toy shop has been delighting kids for decades with handcrafted dolls, pull-along wooden toys, teddy bears and jigsaws as well as musical instruments.
Fashion & Accessories in Frankfurt am Main


Women's clothes, shoes, handbags and belts by Frankfurt's young, up-and-coming designers are stocked at this stark, stylish boutique, along with French, Belgian and Italian labels.
Mall in Frankfurt am Main

Skyline Plaza

Near the Messe, this spiffing new mall has 130 shops and a range of restaurants. It's a great place to unwind, thanks to its enormous, grassy rooftop Skyline Garden, with ping-pong tables, a putting green and an urb…
Food & Drinks in Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurter Fass

Pick up Apfelwein (apple wine) as well as apple brandy, regional wines, vinegars, oils, spirits, salts, mustard and other local delicacies like Frankfurt bonbons filled with cider liqueur at this emporium.
Ceramics in Frankfurt am Main

Töpferei Maurer

At this traditional Sachsenhausen ceramics manufacturer, you can buy an authentic Bembel made either here on the premises or at Töpferei Maurer's larger factory nearby. The iconic blue-painted, grey-coloured jugs he…