Cycling is a great way to get around Frankfurt, which is crisscrossed with designated bike lanes.

Call-a-Bike To use Deutsche Bahn's share bicycle scheme, register online or by phone with your credit card number, then go to one of Frankfurt’s city-wide Call-a-Bike Stations and use the app or make a phone call to get the lock code to pick up a bicycle.

Next Bike After registering with a credit card, go to one of Frankfurt's dozens of pick-up points throughout the city and use the app to get the lock code.

Car & Motorcycle

Traffic flows smoothly in central Frankfurt. Signs indicate the way to the nearest Parkhaus (parking garage) and the number of spaces left. City centre street parking is generally limited to one hour.

In many areas, parking on one side of the street is reserved for Bewohner (local residents) whose cars have a special sticker. Signs list the hours during which restrictions apply.

Tickets & Passes

Frankfurt’s excellent transport system, part of the RMV (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund; network, integrates all bus, Strassenbahn (tram), S-Bahn (commuter rail) and U-Bahn (metro/subway) lines.

  • Tickets can be purchased at transit stops from Fahrkartenautomaten (ticket machines). Zone 50 encompasses most of Frankfurt, excluding the airport. Machines accept euro coins and bills (up to €10 or €20) and chip-and-pin credit cards, which excludes many US-issued cards (and even some international chip-and-pin cards).
  • An Einzelfahrt (single-ride) ticket costs adult/child €2.75/1.55; it’s time-stamped when you buy it and so is valid only for travel you begin immediately. For trips of less than 2km, buy a Kurzstrecke (short-distance journey) ticket (adult/child €2.05/1.25).
  • A Tageskarte (all-day ticket), valid from the start of service until 5am the next day, costs €5.35 (€9.55 including the airport); a Gruppentageskarte (all-day group ticket), for up to five people is just €11.30 (€16.60 including the airport) – a superb deal.
  • A Wochenkarte (weekly pass, valid for any seven consecutive days), sold at the airport’s DB ticket office and available from some ticket machines, costs €25.70 (including the airport) and is also great value.
  • Nachtbus ( lines have numbers beginning with ‘n’ and leave from Konstablerwache half-hourly (hourly for some suburban destinations) from 12.50am to 4am daily. Tickets cost the same as for daytime transport, or you can use an all-day ticket or weekly pass.
  • Inspectors frequently check to make sure passengers have valid tickets. The fine for travelling schwarz (‘black’, ie without a ticket) is €40.


Taxis have a €3.50 flagfall; trips costs €2 per kilometre for the first 15km, and €1.75 for every subsequent kilometre, with a waiting charge of €33 per hour. A fifth passenger costs €7 extra.

There are taxi ranks throughout the city. Firms include Taxi Frankfurt and Time Car.