Frankfurt is a magnet for the entire Rhine-Main region, with a diverse range of cultural events. Thursday is a big night out for workers who commute to Frankfurt for the week and go ‘home’ on Friday.

Websites with nightlife events and cultural listings include the following:

  • Journal Frankfurt (
  • Prinz Frankfurt (
  • Frizz (
  • Strandgut (


Check cinema screenings at or Films marked 'OF' or 'OV' are screened in their original language (including English).

Theatre, Classical Music & Dance

Frankfurt has numerous theatre, classical music and dance venues around town, including continental Europe's largest English-language theatre company, the English Theatre.


Last-minute tickets can generally be purchased an hour or so before performance time at each venue’s Abendkasse (evening ticket window).

Tickets for rock, pop and classical concerts, operas, musicals, plays and sports events (except football/soccer) are available from Frankfurt Ticket. Tickets ordered through its website can be printed out; you can also collect tickets at venues' box offices.