Flensburg is a lively place, with nightlife far out of proportion to its size. Most of the action centres around the harbour, but there are late-night places to eat throughout the old town as well. Try the local beer, a Flensburger Pils.

Coastal Coffee

If the cold wind’s biting, warm up with one of the region’s specialities, rum-laced coffee topped with cream, known as a Pharisäer. The story is that chilly locals in the region infused their strong, sweetened coffee with a shot of rum. But, to hide the presence of alcohol from their priest, they smothered the top with cream. The priest, however, quickly caught on, decrying them as Pharisees (his point being that they were following the letter, not the spirit, of the law). The name stuck, as did the surreptitious drinking technique – don’t stir it; instead, slurp the hot coffee through the cream.