Erfurt in detail

Flights & getting there


The tiny Erfurt-Weimar Flughafen, about 6km west of the city centre, handles limited scheduled flights to Greece, Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria and Egypt.


Erfurt is just north of the A4 and is crossed by the B4 (Hamburg to Bamberg) and the B7 (Kassel to Jena). The A71 autobahn runs south to Schweinfurt via Ilmenau, and Oberhof.


Direct IC/ICE trains connect Erfurt with Berlin (from €40, two hours), Dresden (from €25, two hours) and Frankfurt (from €30, 2½ hours). Direct regional trains also run regularly to Mühlhausen (€14, 50 minutes), Weimar (€5.80, 15 minutes) and Eisenach (€14, 45 minutes).