Top Choice Fortress in Erfurt

Zitadelle Petersberg

Situated on the Petersberg hill northwest of Domplatz, this citadel ranks among Europe’s largest and best-preserved baroque fortresses. It sits above a honeycomb of tunnels, which can be explored on two-hour guided …
Church in Erfurt


The old university church boasts a magnificent organ (1652), made by local master Ludwig Compenius, and was a key gathering place of leading local dissidents during the final days of the GDR.
Museum in Erfurt

Museum für Thüringer Volkskunde

This folklore museum is one of the largest of its kind in Germany, with an interesting collection that focuses on the applied arts, with household objects, furnishings and tools of all sorts. Its centrepiece is an e…
Church in Erfurt


The Severikirche, together with Erfurt’s Dom forming the ensemble on Domplatz, is a five-aisled hall church (1280) with prized treasures that include a stone Madonna (1345), a 15m-high baptismal font (1467) and the …
Museum in Erfurt


Inside the magnificent portal of the Haus am Stockfisch, the Stadtmuseum has exhibits ranging from a medieval bone-carver’s workshop to displays on Erfurt in GDR times.
Church in Erfurt


It’s Luther lore galore at the very monastery where the reformer lived from 1505 to 1511, and where he was ordained as a monk and read his first Mass. You’re free to roam the grounds, visit the church with its ether…
Synagogue in Erfurt

Alte Synagoge

This is one of Europe's oldest Jewish houses of worship, with roots in the 12th century. Exhibits document the history of the building and showcase a cache of treasures unearthed during excavations nearby, including…
Museum in Erfurt


Housed inside a fully restored baroque building dating from the early 18th century, the Angermuseum has a strong collection of medieval art, paintings ranging from the 17th century to contemporary times, and Thuring…
Gardens in Erfurt

Egapark Erfurt

It’s easy to spend hours amid the kaleidoscopic flower beds, romantic rose garden, Japanese rock garden and greenhouses of the rambling Egapark, about 4km west of the city centre (take tram 2 from Anger). It’s so hu…
Cathedral in Erfurt

Erfurter Dom

Erfurt's cathedral, where Martin Luther was ordained a priest, has origins as a simple 8th-century chapel that grew into the stately Gothic pile you see today. Standouts in its treasure-filled interior include the s…