Ferry in Wangerooge

DB Ferry

The Deutsche Bahn ferry to Wangerooge leaves from Harlesiel two to five times daily (1½ hours), depending on the tides. An open return ticket costs €35.10/21.10 (adult/child; two-month time limit), and a day-trip ti…
Ferry in Borkum


All-year boats depart twice to six times daily to/from Emden for Borkum. AG-Ems runs car ferries (adult same-day/open return €19.60/37.20, two to three hours). Bike transport costs €13.70 return. Transporting a car …
Ferry in Spiekeroog

Spiekeroog Ferry

Ferry prices are €19.90/10 (adult/child) for one-way or same-day return tickets. If you plan on returning at a later date, the fare is €30.90/15.50. (These prices don't include the daily spa tax of €3.30/1.40, which…
Ferry in Norderney

Reederei Frisia

Reederei Frisia ferries leave Norddeich every one to two hours, roughly from 6am to 6pm daily (later some days in summer). The journey takes 55 minutes and any Deutsche Bahn (DB) office can provide details, or you c…
Ferry in Baltrum

Baltrum Linie

Ferries leave from Nessmersiel and take 30 minutes. Departures depend on the tides, which means day trips aren’t always possible. Tickets are €15.50 one way or €21.50/29 for same-day/open return. Children's tickets …
Ferry in Langeoog

Langeoog Ferry

The ferry shuttles between Bensersiel and Langeoog around five times daily. The trip takes about one hour and costs €22.50 for day trips or €25.20 for open return. Luggage is €3.50 per piece; bikes are €24 return.
Ferry in Juist

Reederei Frisia

Operates the ferries from Norddeich to Juist (adult day/normal return €21/34, 1½ hours); children are half-price and bikes cost €15.50 return. You can also ask any DB (Deutsche Bahn) office for details.
Airline in East Frisian Islands

Luftverkehr Friesland Harle

Luftverkehr Friesland Harle flies light aircraft to every island except Spiekeroog.