Booking Service in Langeoog

Room Reservations

If you get here and decide you just can't leave, head upstairs to the 1st floor of the island’s ‘train station’ where these friendly folk will help you find a bed.
Tourist Information in Juist

Juist Tourist Office

Friendly staff are found here, in the Rathaus. They can help with accommodation booking. Someone also meets all ferry arrivals, regardless of time.
Tourist Information in Wangerooge

Bahnhof Tourist Office

This tourist office at the train station can help you book lodgings. It's also open before and after each scheduled ferry service.
Tourist Information in Spiekeroog

Spiekeroog Tourist Office

The friendly folk in 'Haus Kogge' will let you know what's open on Spiekeroog in terms of food, lodging and activities.
Booking Service in Baltrum

Room Reservation Service

This room reservation service based on the mainland in Nordern can help with accommodation on the island.
Tourist Information in Wangerooge

Strandpromenade Tourist Office

This information centre near the beach can help you with activities and accommodation booking.
Tourist Information in Langeoog

Langeoog Tourist Office

You'll find the friendly staff of this welcoming tourist office inside the Rathaus.
Tourist Information in Norderney

Norderney Tourist Office

Norderney's main tourist office can provide information or book rooms.
Tourist Information in Norderney

Harbour Service Centre

Tourist information by the harbour, inside the ferry terminal.
Tourist Information in Borkum

Borkum Tourist Office

Also handles room reservations.