The Altstadt is nicknamed the 'world's longest bar' for a reason but other fun drinking grounds include the Medienhafen and Ackerstrasse in Flingern. Düsseldorf's beverage of choice is a smooth, copper-hued ale called Altbier served in small 0.25L glasses. Some locals chase it with a shot of Killepitsch, a potent blood-red schnapps blend of some 90 fruits, herbs and spices.

Where to Drink in the Altstadt

With its 'world's longest bar' hype, the Altstadt may seem like one big festive drunk, but there are distinct personalities to various streets. Here's a guide as you go on the prowl.

  • Andreasstrasse A good place to find a classy cafe or restaurant with a free table outside.
  • Berger Strasse Excellent casual restaurants and what seems like a hectare of outdoor tables.
  • Bolker Strasse A nightmare of fake ethnic restaurants geared towards the undiscerning; bad bars and a mural of a man pooping.
  • Hunsrückenstrasse Fake Irish bars – need we say more?
  • Rheinartstrasse The merry crowds spilling out of Zum Uerige set the tone.
  • Kurze Strasse Slightly mellow; restaurants with tables outside, not a mob scene.
  • Mertensgasse Quieter than others, few outside tables, several late-night clubs.