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Top Choice Architecture in Dessau-Rosslau


You’ll find the four surviving Meisterhäuser – Gropiushaus, Haus Feininger, Haus Muche/Schlemmer and Haus Kandinsky/Klee – on leafy Ebertallee, a 15-minute walk west of the Hauptbahnhof. The leading lights of the Ba…
Top Choice Architecture in Dessau-Rosslau


It’s almost impossible to overstate the significance of this building, erected in 1925–26, as a school of Bauhaus art, design and architecture. Today a smattering of lucky students from an urban studies program use …
Architecture in Dessau-Rosslau

Törten Estate

The leafy Törten Estate, built in Dessau’s south in the 1920s, is a prototype of the modern working-class estate. Although many of the 300-plus homes have been altered in ways that would have outraged their purist c…
Architecture in Dessau-Rosslau

Haus Muche/Schlemmer

Haus Muche/Schlemmer makes it apparent that the room proportions used by Bauhaus architects, and some of their design experiments, such as low balcony rails, don't really cut it in the modern world. At the same time…
Architecture in Dessau-Rosslau

Haus Kandinsky/Klee

Closed for renovation in 2018, Haus Kandinsky/Klee is scheduled to reopen in 2019 and is most notable for the varying pastel shades in which Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee painted their walls (re-created today). Th…
Architecture in Dessau-Rosslau

Kurt Weill Zentrum in Haus Feininger

Haus Feininger, former home of artist Lyonel Feininger, now pays homage to Dessau-born Kurt Weill, who later became playwright Bertolt Brecht’s musical collaborator in Berlin, and composed The Threepenny Opera and i…
Architecture in Dessau-Rosslau


Walter Gropius' house is the most recently reconstructed of the Masters' Houses, opened to the public in 2014. It contains the ticket office for the remaining three Meisterhäuser, and is also used for special events…
Historic Building in Dessau-Rosslau


The former Konsumgebäude building, once the centre for trade and cooperative living on the Törten Estate, today houses an information centre and a small permanent local-history exhibition.
Museum in Dessau-Rosslau


Located within the Törten Estate, this exhibition tracks the life and accomplishments of the Dessau-born humanist philosopher Moses Mendelssohn, the godfather of the Jewish Enlightenment.
Museum in Dessau-Rosslau

Technikmuseum Hugo Junkers

Aviation fans will be wowed by the vintage aircraft on display at the Technikmuseum Hugo Junkers. Tram 1 goes straight to the museum (get off at Junkerspark) from the Hauptbahnhof.