Top Choice German in Cologne

Bei Oma Kleinmann

Named for its long-time owner, who was still cooking almost to her last day at age 95 in 2009, this perennially booked, graffiti-covered restaurant serves oodles of schnitzel, made either with pork or veal and paire…
German in Cologne

Gaststätte Lommerzheim

The best reason to wander east across the Hohenzollernbrücke railway bridge over the Rhine is this delightfully old-school pub serving some of the finest pork chops around. Just tell the waiter what sides you want (…
German in Cologne


While the Altstadt has no shortage of mediocre restaurants aimed at beer-swilling tourists, this old place stands out for serving up classic German fare (eight kinds of haxe – meat knuckles). Patio tables have river…