Coastal Mecklenburg – Western Pomerania attractions

Top Choice Church in Rostock


Central Rostock’s pride and joy is the 13th-century Marienkirche, the only main Rostock church to survive WWII unscathed (although restorations are ongoing). Behind the main altar, the church’s 12m-high astrological…
Top Choice Church in Stralsund


This masterpiece of medieval architecture dates to 1270 and is modelled on Lübeck's Marienkirche. Its interior is awash with colour and is filled with art treasures. The main altar (1708), designed by the baroque ma…
Top Choice Church in Stralsund


You'll need divine inspiration to guess the number of bricks used to build the massive 14th-century Marienkirche, a superb example of north German red-brick construction. We can however confirm that there are 206 st…
Top Choice Aquarium in Stralsund


In an arctic-white wave-like building that leaps out from the surrounding red-brick warehouses, the state-of-the-art Ozeaneum takes you into an underwater world of creatures from the Baltic and North Seas and the At…
Top Choice Church in Wismar


Of the three great red-brick churches that once rose above the rooftops of Wismar before WWII, only the sober St-Nikolai-Kirche, the largest of its kind in Europe, was left intact. It has elaborate carvings and a fo…
Top Choice Viewpoint in Rügen Island

Aussichtsturm Adlerhorst

Northwest of Binz, in a lovely Rügen forest, the extraordinary spiral Aussichtsturm Adlerhorst rises 30m above the forest floor – the spiral ramp goes round and around for 600m. It's a wonderful experience and the v…
Top Choice Museum in Binz

Dokumentationszentrum Prora

Macht Urlaub (Power Vacation) is a well-done exhibition on the Nazis and the role the workers' resort Prora played in their 'strength through joy' schemes. You can easily spend an hour or more fully engrossed in the…
Square in Wismar


The centrepiece of Old Wismar, the Markt is an attractive square, dominated by the 1602-built Wasserkunst (waterworks), an ornate, 12-sided well that supplied Wismar’s drinking water until 1897 and is the town's lan…
Square in Greifswald


The richly ornamented buildings ringing the Markt hint at Greifswald’s stature in the Middle Ages. The Rathaus, at the western end, started life as some 14th-century shops. Among the red-brick gabled houses on the e…
Square in Stralsund

Alter Markt

Stralsund's main square is a hub of its architectural treasures.