Top Choice Church in Rostock


Central Rostock’s pride and joy is the 13th-century Marienkirche, the only main Rostock church to survive WWII unscathed (although restorations are ongoing). Behind the main altar, the church’s 12m-high astrological…
Top Choice Church in Wismar


Of the three great redbrick churches that once rose above the rooftops before WWII, only the sober redbrick St-Nikolai-Kirche, the largest of its kind in Europe, was left intact. It has elaborate carvings and a font…
Top Choice Church in Stralsund


The main portal of the soaring Nikolaikirche is reached via an entrance off the Alter Markt. This masterpiece of medieval architecture dates to 1270 and is modelled on Lübeck's Marienkirche. Its interior is redolent…
Top Choice Aquarium in Stralsund


In an arctic-white wavelike building that leaps out from the surrounding red-brick warehouses, the state-of-the-art Ozeaneum takes you into an underwater world of creatures from the Baltic and North Seas and the Atl…
Top Choice Museum in Binz

Dokumentationszentrum Prora

'Macht Urlaub' (power vacation) is a well-done exhibition on the Nazis and the role the workers resort Prora played in their 'strength through joy' schemes. You can easily spend an hour or more fully engrossed in th…
Museum in Rostock

Kulturhistorisches Museum Rostock

The city's cultural history museum has an interesting collection including Victorian furniture and a few sculptures by Ernst Barlach. It's housed in the Kloster Zum Heiligen Kreuz, a convent established in 1270 by Q…
Church in Rostock


The Gothic Petrikirche has a 117m-high steeple – a mariner’s landmark for centuries – that was restored in 1994, having been missing since WWII. There's a lift up to the 45m-high viewing platform.
Cathedral in Bad Doberan

Münster Bad Doberan

The former summer ducal residence of Bad Doberan, about 15km west of Rostock, was once the site of a powerful Cistercian monastery. Construction of this magnificent Gothic church started in 1280 but the scale of the…
Museum in Wismar


The large Rathaus at the Markt's northern end was built between 1817 and 1819 and houses the excellent Rathaus Historical Exhibition in its basement. Displays include an original 15th-century Wandmalerei (mural) unc…
Tower in Wismar

St-Marien-Kirche Steeple

All that remains of 13th-century St-Marien-Kirche is its great brick steeple (1339), which rises above the city. A multimedia exhibit on medieval church-building techniques is housed in the tower’s base. The tower c…