Jazz in Marburg

Jazzclub Cavete

Look for the stone wall on Steinweg studded with cow-, horse- and goat-busts to find this prime port of call for jazz and blues lovers. Monday is open-stage night (no cover charge), established acts strut their stuf…
Theatre in Erfurt

Theater Waidspeicher

Not only children will be enchanted by the adorable marionettes and puppets that perform at this cute theatre in a historic woad storehouse (reached via Mettengasse). Seven puppeteer-actors bring classics such as Ki…
Live Performance in Jena

Volksbad Jena

You can’t swim in the 'People's Baths' (an early-20th-century, heritage-listed public pool) any longer; instead you’ll be showered with theatre, recitals and other cultural events, from the mainstream to the offbeat…
Theatre in Weimar

Deutsches Nationaltheater

Expect a grab bag of classic and contemporary theatre, opera and concerts at this esteemed space. Performances are in German (musical recitals the obvious exception). The season runs September to June.
Performing Arts in Weimar


The Deutsches Nationaltheater (German National Theatre) and other companies perform in this former tram depot, which also has a cinema, hosts bands and parties, programs special events, and houses the installation K…
Live Performance in Jena

Kassablanca Gleis 1

In a converted shed near Jena-West train station, this joint feeds the cultural cravings of the indie crowd with a potpourri of live concerts, dance parties, readings, experimental theatre, movies and even dance and…
Theatre in Göttingen

Junges Theater

Founded in reaction to mainstream theatre in the 1950s, Göttingen’s Junges Theater has long since professionalised, and enjoys a high reputation throughout Germany. It was one of the first theatres in the country to…
Live Performance in Göttingen


Started as a cabaret and culture venue in 1971, Apex offers the perfect combination of art gallery, performance venue and restaurant. The food (served 6pm to 10.30pm Monday to Saturday) is better than ever here, sin…
Performing Arts in Erfurt

DasDie Brettl

Drag shows, musicals and even dinner and theatre nights take centre stage in this cultural centre, which seats, feeds and waters up to 500 at its cabaret-style tables. Tickets are usually in the €20 to €40 range and…
Theatre in Brocken & Torfhaus

Faust I & II

For something a little different and as German as the great writer Goethe himself, catch a steam train to the top of the Brocken for limited-date summer performances of the classicc play Faust...as a rock opera! The…