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Top Choice Seafood in Bremerhaven


This wonderful seafood restaurant is spread out over several dining rooms with distinct nautical styling (including one that purports to be a copy of Hollywood star Errol Flynn's yacht) and offers expertly prepared,…
Seafood in Bremerhaven

Restaurant-Schiff Seute Deern

The lower deck of a giant, three-masted barque (sailing ship) built in 1919 has been converted into a floating seafood restaurant with understated elegance. The deep wood tones and blue-cushioned captain's chairs gi…
Burgers in Bremerhaven

B – Burger Bar

Choose from a dozen towering burgers in different styles at this upmarket-casual place. Menu options range from a classic bacon-cheeseburger to a 'surf & turf' with shrimp and a garlic-herb sauce made in-house f…
Greek in Bremerhaven

Olympisches Feuer

You may find yourself surprised by the quality and authenticity of this excellent Greek taverna, which is about as far on the other side of the European continent from the homeland as it can be. But it's all here – …
Seafood in Bremerhaven

Räucherei Herbert Franke

Connoisseurs of delicious smoked fish will find an absolute highlight at this family-run place with a long tradition of hand-smoking. Orders come by the basket. Cats will be following you around for days afterwards.