Top Choice European in Norderney


Nordeney's Michelin-starred restaurant offers a la carte and multi-course dinners using fresh seasonal ingredients, such as monkfish with fennel and pancetta, pigeon au jus with artichoke, and Scottish roast lamb (t…
Austrian in Bremen City

Edel Weiss

Opposite the Hauptbahnhof, this friendly, rustically decorated haunt is famed for its hearty fare and friendly staff, as well as its schnitzel and, in season, spargel (white asparagus) galore. If you're just coming …
European in Emden

Grand Cafe am Stadtgarten

A perfect place for a bite or a drink with a view, this cafe has the best position and terrace seating on the main square just off the harbour. There's a full bar with numerous beers on tap, and a decent menu of sta…