Top things to do in Bremen City

Top Choice Historic Building in Bremen City

Denkort Bunker Valentin

In 1943, the Nazis started construction of a massive concrete bunker to build submarines in. At a planned production rate of 12 subs per month it was meant to be the German war machine's most important naval project…
Top Choice Gallery in Bremen City


For art lovers, the highlight of Bremen’s Kulturmeile (Cultural Mile) is the Kunsthalle, which presents a large permanent collection of paintings, sculpture and copperplate engraving from the Middle Ages into the mo…
Top Choice Street in Bremen City


The charming medieval coopers lane was transformed into a prime example of mostly expressionist architecture in the 1920s at the instigation of coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius. Its red-brick houses sport unique faca…
Top Choice German in Bremen City

Bremer Ratskeller

Ratskellers were traditionally built underneath the Rathaus (town hall) in every German town to keep the citizens and civil servants fed. Bremen's – in business since 1405! – is quite the experience, with high vault…
Top Choice Museum in Bremen City

Universum Science Centre

Bremen has a strong aerospace industry, and space buffs will enjoy the eye-catching, oyster-shaped Universum Science Centre, where you can make virtual trips to the stars, as well as to the ocean floor or the centre…
Top Choice German in Bremen City

Kleiner Olymp

This homely kitchen in Schnoor has a wonderful atmosphere, delicious (and not too heavy) North German cuisine and very reasonable prices. With a selection of mouthwatering soups and starters, fish and seafood (not p…
Top Choice Vegan in Bremen City


This bright little cafe-restaurant with natural-edge wood tables serves up a menu of delicious, filling vegan dishes, namely soups, salads, pastas (including a killer bolognese), curries and mains like stuffed eggpl…
Top Choice Live Music in Bremen City

Lila Eule

A decade or more is a long time to be a hot tip, but this Das Viertel gem has pulled it off. A student crowd gathers here for parties and events, but it’s also a very alternative place to watch the Werder Bremen foo…
Top Choice Bar in Bremen City


This bar and lounge mostly gets a relaxed 20s and early-30s crowd, who hang out on the sofas – which explains the name ‘Living Room’ – or lounge around on the mezzanine levels.
Christmas Market in Bremen City

Bremer Weihnachtsmarkt

December comes alive with this month-long Christmas market held in Bremen's picturesque central square. Sip on warm Glühwein (mulled wine) and nibble on traditional gingerbread cakes beneath thousands of magical whi…