Bremen in

Two Days

Head to the historic medieval Marktplatz square for some photo ops, and take time to visit Dom St Petri and its Bleikeller crypt. After lunch, wander down the beautiful Böttcherstrasse and browse its craft boutiques and art museums, especially the Paula Modersohn-Becker Haus Museum. Stroll along waterside Schlachte to find dinner and drinks, and finish off the evening with a performance at Die Glocke.

On day two, head east to Bremen's Kulturmeile (Culture Mile), spending the day wandering through art and design museums like the Kunsthalle, Gerhard Marcks Haus and the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus. Continue east into the Das Viertel neighbourhood for window-shopping and a meal break. If you can get tickets, watch the local Werder Bremen football team take the pitch, or else catch a show at Theater Bremen or just go bar-hopping through Das Viertel.

Three Days

Take a third day to visit some nearby attractions, such as bucolic countryside artists retreat Worpswede, harbour town Bremerhaven or the fascinating WWII site Denkort Bunker Valentin. Or you can take some factory tours at Airbus, Beck's Brewery or Mercedes Benz.