Bremen City in detail

Bremen City is known for

Art Museums

Kunsthalle Everything from Dutch masters to contemporary art in a classic collection.

Paula Modersohn-Becker Haus Museum Devoted to the works of this influential Worpswede painter.

Weserburg Museum für Moderne Kunst The latest in German and international art.

Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus Contemporary design in its many forms.

Roselius-Haus Museum Eclectic exhibits of artworks and crafts from the medieval era onwards.

Gerhard Marcks Haus An excellent collection of sculpture from Marcks and others.

Day Trips

Worpswede A rustic artists colony with numerous galleries.

Denkort Bunker Valentin This sobering WWII site will appeal to history buffs.

Deutsches Auswandererhaus Take a cruise up the Weser to this excellent Bremerhaven museum.

Oldenburg A classic palace and some excellent art museums surround a cute town centre.


Modernes Bremen's best dance club hosts DJs and indie bands in an old movie theatre.

NFF Club German and international DJs play house, dance and electronic music.

Queens Bremen's most popular gay bar, with a retro '70s vibe.

Lagerhaus This rambling cultural centre hosts everything from cabaret to heavy metal.

Wohnzimmer A classic Das Viertel bar, with comfy couches and a relaxed atmosphere.

Live Performance

Die Glocke This highly regarded concert venue hosts everything from classical music to jazz, with international performers.

Schlachthof An eclectic calendar of music of all styles, dance, spoken word and more.

Lila Eule DJs and live bands perform at this Das Viertel mainstay.

Theater Bremen Three stages offer classic, contemporary and new plays.


Airbus Defence & Space Tour A fascinating look into the local aeronautics industry.

Mercedes Benz Factory Tour Find out how some of the world's best cars get made.

Beck’s Brewery Factory Tour Watch this renowned brand go from the brewhouse to the bottling plant.

Hal Över Schreiber Reederei Cruise up the Weser and see Bremen from a different point of view.