Brandenburg an der Havel attractions

Church in Brandenburg an der Havel

Dom zu Brandenburg & Museum

On an island in the middle of town, the Dom was founded more than 850 years ago and is predominantly Gothic in style. It's filled with a bevy of treasures, most notably the carved 14th-century Bohemian altar in the …
Museum in Brandenburg an der Havel

Archäologisches Landesmuseum Brandenburg

The beautiful Gothic red-brick St Pauli monastery has risen from ruins and now forms an atmospheric backdrop for nine rooms brimming with Brandenburg's archaeological treasures, including rare Stone Age textiles, Br…
Church in Brandenburg an der Havel

St Katharinenkirche

This vast Gothic brick church has a lavishly detailed and decorated facade. See if you can spot your favourite biblical characters on the medieval Meadow of Heaven ceiling fresco. Treasures include the octagonal bap…