Hillside Hikes

Outdoor enthusiasts can tackle some superb hillside hiking trails that fan out from Boppard; the tourist office has maps.

  • Vierseenblick & Gedeonseck The peculiar geography of the Four-Lakes-View panoramic outlook creates the illusion that you’re looking at four separate lakes, rather than a single river. The nearby Gedeonseck affords views of the Rhine’s hairpin curve. To get up here you can either hike for 1.4km or – to save 240 vertical metres – take the 20-minute Sesselbahn chairlift over the vines from the upriver edge of town.
  • Klettersteig This 2½- to three-hour cliffside adventure hike (a 6.2km round-trip) begins at the upriver edge of town right next to the Sesselbahn. Decent walking or climbing shoes are a must; optional climbing equipment can be rented at the Aral petrol station. Some vertical sections involve ladders; less vertiginous alternatives are available – except at the Kletterwand, a hairy section with steel stakes underfoot. It’s possible to walk back to town via the Vierseenblick.
  • Hunsrück Trails Germany's steepest scheduled railway route, the Hunsrückbahn, travels through five rail tunnels and across two viaducts on its 8km journey from Boppard’s Bahnhof to Buchholz (a section continues for 7km from Buchholz to Emmelshausen, though there's little to see here). From Buchholz, many people hike back via the Mörderbachtal to Boppard, but Buchholz is also the starting point for an excellent 17km hike via the romantic Ehrbachklamm (Ehrbach gorge) to Brodenbach (on the Moselle), from where you can take a bus to Koblenz, with connections to Boppard.