Markthalle Neun

Top choice market in Kreuzberg

This delightful 1891 market hall with its iron-beam-supported ceiling was saved by dedicated locals in 2009. On market days, local and regional producers present their wares, while on Street Food Thursday, a couple of dozen international amateur or semipro chefs set up their stalls to serve delicious snacks from around the world. There’s even an on-site craft brewery, Heidenpeters.

As the name implies, Markthalle Neun was the ninth (of a total of 14) market hall built in Berlin in the late 19th century. It did a roaring trade for decades, but over time succumbed to competition from supermarkets, eventually becoming the haunt of tacky discount stores. Now the place is regularly invaded by locals and visitors from around the city to stock up on superb sourdough bread from Sironi, artisanal cheese from Alte Milch and sustainable organic meat from Kumpel & Keule. A few permanent kitchens provide sustenance, such as smoked barbecue sandwiches from the much-lauded Big Stuff and Scandinavian smørrebrød from Rødder.

The best time to visit is during Street Food Thursday, when the historic market hall gets mobbed by hungry hipsters keen on a first-class culinary journey at economy prices. From 5pm to 10pm, it’s an exotic smorgasbord that might feature New Zealand meat pies, Taiwanese burgers, Argentine pulled pork sandwiches, Korean tacos or Vietnamese steamed pork buns. Pick your favourite, grab a seat at a communal table and chow down with a glass of wine or a pint of Thirsty Lady pale ale from Heidenpeters.