Mall in Potsdamer Platz & Tiergarten

LP12 Mall of Berlin

This sparkling retail quarter is tailor-made for black-belt mall rats. More than 270 shops vie for your shopping euros, including flagship stores by Karl Lagerfeld, Hugo Boss, Liebeskind, Marc Cain, Muji and other i…
Mall in Potsdamer Platz & Tiergarten

Potsdamer Platz Arkaden

All your basic shopping cravings will be met at this attractive indoor mall with 130 shops spread over three floors. The basement has supermarkets, a chemist and numerous fast-food outlets. Ice-cream fans flock to C…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Potsdamer Platz & Tiergarten

Ampelmann Galerie

It took a vociferous grass-roots campaign to save the little Ampelmann, the endearing fellow on East German pedestrian traffic lights. Now the beloved cult figure and global brand graces an entire shop's worth of T-…