Austrian in Kreuzberg & Neukölln

At his canal-side restaurant, Sebastian Frank performs culinary alchemy with Austrian classics, fearlessly combining products, textures and flavours. The stunning results have earned him two Michelin stars and the title of Best Chef of Europe 2018. Wines are fabulous, of course, but Frank is also proud of his food-matching nonalcoholic beverage line-up, including tea infusions, vegetable juices and reductions.

One of Frank's groundbreaking signatures is the 'Young and Old Celeriac'. For this, he bakes the root vegetable in a salt crust and leaves it to age for a whole year, during which all the moisture evaporates as the flavour intensifies. The golf-ball-sized celeriac is then grated like a truffle over freshly steamed celeriac slivers bathing in a thickened chicken bouillon. Despite the fanciful cuisine, the ambience in the elegantly rustic dining room remains relaxed.