Street Food Thursday

Top choice food & drink in Kreuzberg & Neukölln

Every Thursday evening since 2013, a couple of dozen aspiring chefs set up their food stalls in Markthalle Neun, a historic market hall in Kreuzberg, and serve up delicious global street food. Order your favourites, lug them to a communal table and gobble them up with a glass of Heidenpeters, a craft beer brewed right on the premises.

Some of the original food purveyors have enjoyed such roaring success that they have opened brick-and-mortar restaurants around the city.

As its name implies, Markthalle Neun was the ninth (of a total of 14) market halls built in Berlin in the late 19th century. It did a roaring trade for decades, but over time succumbed to competition from supermarkets, eventually becoming the haunt of tacky discount stores. Aside from this weekly street-food event, it also hosts a regular farmers market on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.