From roughly September to June, clued-in classical music fans gather at 7pm on Sundays amid the faded elegance of the early-20th-century Spiegelsaal (Mirror Hall) for piano concerts, opera recitals, string quartets and other musical offerings. It's upstairs from Clärchens Ballhaus in the heart of the Scheunenviertel. It's possible to make reservations online, but there are no assigned seats.

With its cracked and blinded mirrors, elaborate chandeliers and old-timey wallpaper, the hall recalls the grandeur of past eras when it was the domain of the city’s elite, while the common folks hit the planks in the ballroom downstairs.

In July and August performances are free and held outdoors against the glorious backdrop of the Bode-Museum on Museumsinsel (8.30pm, weather permitting).