Top Choice Memorial in Prenzlauer Berg

Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer

For an insightful primer on the Berlin Wall, visit this outdoor memorial, which extends for 1.4km along Bernauer Strasse and integrates an original section of Wall, vestiges of the border installations and escape tu…
Top Choice Planetarium in Prenzlauer Berg

Zeiss Grossplanetarium

It was the most advanced planetarium in East Germany at its opening in 1987 and after the recent renovation it has upped the scientific, technology and comfort factor ante once again to become one of the most modern…
Park in Prenzlauer Berg


With its wimpy trees and anaemic lawn, Mauerpark is hardly your typical leafy oasis, especially given that it was forged from a section of Cold War–era death strip (a short stretch of Berlin Wall survives). It’s thi…
Museum in Prenzlauer Berg

Museum in der Kulturbrauerei

Original documents, historical footage and objects (including a camper-style Trabi car) bring daily life under socialism in East Germany to life in this government-sponsored exhibit. As you wander the halls, you'll …
Cemetery in Prenzlauer Berg

Jüdischer Friedhof Schönhauser Allee

Berlin's second Jewish cemetery opened in 1827 and hosts many well-known dearly departed, such as the artist Max Liebermann and the composer Giacomo Meyerbeer. It's a pretty place with dappled light filtering throug…
Cultural Centre in Prenzlauer Berg


The fanciful red-and-yellow brick buildings of this 19th-century brewery have been upcycled into a cultural powerhouse with a small village's worth of venues, from concert and theatre halls to nightclubs, dance stud…
Museum in Prenzlauer Berg

Tchoban Foundation – Museum für Architekturzeichnung

Fans of edgy contemporary architecture should swing by this private museum housed in a striking sculptural pile of relief-decorated concrete cubes topped by a glass penthouse. Changing exhibits showcase architectura…
Church in Prenzlauer Berg


This 1893 neo-Gothic church was a hotbed of dissent in the final days of the GDR and thus a thorn in the side of the Stasi, which, as late as October 1989, brutally quashed a peaceful gathering outside its portals. …
Square in Prenzlauer Berg


Triangular Kollwitzplatz was ground zero of Prenzlauer Berg gentrification. To pick up on the local vibe, linger with macchiato mamas and media daddies in a street cafe or join them at the twice-weekly farmers marke…
Historical Building in Prenzlauer Berg


This rambling listed brewery compound has been adapted to house cultural venues, resto-bars, a hostel and offices. Beer production resumed in 2013 with the opening of the Pfefferbräu microbrewery.