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Undoubtedly Berlin's favorite snack food, the Currywurst is so well-loved it has inspired its own museum: Currywurst Museum. Learn about the history of this famous dish, from its invention in the late 1940s to its expanding popularity at this interactive museum. The seasoning room lets you smell the different spices that go into the famous sauce, and audio stations in the shape of ketchup bottles allow you to listen to iconic songs about the sausage.

Visit: Currywurst Museum, BerlinLocated centrally in Berlin, close to Check­point Charlie, Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin presents the legendary snack creation and its own settings: from the invention of the Currywurst in the late 1940s to the stories and its role in film, TV and music and its worldwide distribution. Discover Berlin in terms of Currywurst, which belongs to the city just as the Brandenburg Gate does. It is traditional and unconventional at the same time and a culinary symbol of the German capital. As an urban snack with cult character, the Currywurst has numerous fans.Experience an exhibition where you can touch, taste, and participate. Everything is there from virtual Currywurst making at “CurryUp” to a spice chamber with sniffing stations as well as the “Currymat” to determine the types of curry, a sausage sofa for relaxing, ketchup bottle listening stations with iconic Currywurst songs, and an original-style snack bar.

What's included

  • 3 varieties of Currywurst, bread roll & sparkling water (for adults)
  • 1 Currywurst, bread roll and sparkling water (for children)
  • Snacks
  • Entry/Admission - Currywurst Museum

What's not included

  • Food and drinks, unless specified
  • Guided Tour