Photo by Berliner Unterwelten e.V. Frieder Salm

After you've checked off the Brandenburg Gate and the TV Tower, why not explore Berlin’s dark and dank underbelly? Join Berliner Unterwelten on its 1½-hour 'Dark Worlds' tour of a WWII underground bunker and pick your way through a warren of claustrophobic rooms, past heavy steel doors, hospital beds, helmets, guns, boots and lots of other wartime artefacts.

Listen on in horror and fascination as guides bring alive the stories of the thousands of ordinary Berliners cooped up here, cramped and scared, as the bombs rained down on Berlin. Other tours explore a WWII anti-aircraft tower, a Cold War nuclear bomb shelter, Berlin Wall escape tunnels and other intriguing sites around town.

Buy tickets at the pavilion outside the south exit of Gesundbrunnen U-Bahn station (in front of Kaufland). No reservations. Tours not suitable for children under seven.