Berchtesgaden restaurants

Top Choice Bavarian in Berchtesgaden

Gaststätte St Bartholomä

Perched on the shore of the Königssee, and accessible by boat tour, this is a tourist haunt that actually serves delicious food made with ingredients picked, plucked and hunted from the surrounding forests and the l…
Top Choice Bavarian in Berchtesgaden


Past the vaulted entrance painted in Bavaria's white and blue diamonds this lively but cosy beer hall–beer garden is run by the local brewery. Expect a carnivorous feast with favourites such as pork roast and the ho…
International in Berchtesgaden

Le Ciel

Don’t let the Hotel InterConti location turn you off: Le Ciel really is as heavenly as its French name suggests and it has the Michelin star to prove it. Testers were especially impressed by Ulrich Heimann’s knack f…