Top Choice Franconian in Nuremberg

Albrecht Dürer Stube

This unpretentious and intimate restaurant has a Dürer-inspired dining room, prettily laid tables, a ceramic stove keeping things toasty when they're not outside and a menu of Nuremberg sausages, steaks, sea fish, s…
Top Choice Bavarian in Altstadt & Residenz


With its screechy parquet floors, stuccoed ceilings, wood panelling and virtually no trace that the last century even happened, this wonderfully characterful inn is perfect for exploring the region with a fork. The …
Top Choice Bavarian in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Gasthof Fraundorfer

If you came to the Alps to experience yodelling, knee slapping and red-faced locals in lederhosen, you just arrived at the right address. Steins of frothing ale fuel the increasingly raucous atmosphere as the evenin…
Top Choice Bavarian in Passau


Not only does this historical inn have a succession of walnut-panelled ceramic-stove-heated rooms, a candlelit cellar (from 6pm) and a vine-draped garden, but the food is equally inspired. Amid the river fish, steak…
Top Choice International in Munich


Tantris means 'the search for perfection' and here, at one of Germany's most famous restaurants, they're not far off it. The interior design is full-bodied '70s – all postbox reds, truffle blacks and illuminated yel…
Top Choice French in Regensburg

Café Orphée

Claiming to be the Frenchiest bistro east of the Rhine – and it is as if you've been teleported to 1920s Paris – this visually pleasing, always bustling eatery, is bedecked in faded red velvet, dark wood and art nou…
Top Choice Franconian in Würzburg

Bürgerspital Weinstube

If you are going to eat out just once in Würzburg, the aromatic and cosy nooks of this labyrinthine medieval place probably provide the top local experience. Choose from a broad selection of Franconian wines (some o…
Top Choice Bavarian in Regensburg

Dicker Mann

Stylish, tranquil, very traditional inn and plating up all the staples of Bavarian sustenance, the 'Chubby Chappy' is one of the oldest restaurants in town, allegedly dating back to the 14th century. On a balmy eve,…
Top Choice Cafe in Westend & Theresienwiese


Is it a junk shop, a cafe or a sewing shop? Well, Westend's oddest coffeehouse is in fact all three, and everything you see in this converted haberdashery – the knickknacks, the cakes and the antique chair you're si…
German in Bamberg


Beneath wooden beams as dark as the superb Rauchbier poured straight from oak barrels, locals and visitors dig into scrumptious Franconian fare at this legendary flower-festooned tavern near the cathedral.