Top Choice German in Bamberg


Beneath wooden beams as dark as the superb Rauchbier poured straight from oak barrels, locals and visitors gather around a large ceramic stove to dig into scrumptious Franconian fare at this legendary flower-festoon…
Top Choice Pub Food in Bamberg


This beautiful half-timbered brewery is Bamberg's oldest. It draws Stammgäste (regulars) and tourists alike who wash down filling slabs of meat and dumplings with its excellent range of ales in the unpretentious din…
Franconian in Bamberg


This stylish gourmet eatery may be ensconced in the house where aviation engineer Willy Messerschmidt was born, but there's nothing 'plane' about dining here. The place oozes old-world charm, with dark woods, white …
Health Food in Bamberg


Don't be deterred by the somewhat style-absent decor at this family-run place 1.5km east of the centre, as the tasty food is lovingly prepared and strict organic and ecofriendly principles impeccably upheld. The men…
Franconian in Bamberg

Zum Sternla

Bamberg’s oldest Wirtshaus (inn; established 1380) bangs out bargain-priced staples including pork dishes, steaks, dumplings and sauerkraut, as well as specials, but it’s a great, non-touristy place for a traditiona…
Franconian in Bamberg

Alt Ringlein

Serving gourmet-ish takes on the most traditional of Franconian fare, this bastion of beer, meat and Kloss (Franconian dumplings) has one of the most impressive dining rooms in town, all chunky carved wood chairs an…
Pub Food in Bamberg


Bamberg's only brewpub is, as you might expect, a traditional affair and does a killer schnitzel plus pork knuckle and Flammkuchen (Alsatian pizza) that'll have you waddling out the door. However, many just come for…
German in Bamberg


The walk into the hills past the cathedral to this delightful beer garden is well worth it, both for the malty Rauchbier and the sweeping views of the Altstadt. In winter the action moves into the cosy, wood-panelle…
Bakery in Bamberg

Bäckerei Seel

This old town bakery is the place to go for early starters who need breakfast at 6am. It stocks a delicious range of pastries and sandwiches, but if you want to eat on the premises it's standing only.