Gallery in Baden-Baden

Museum Frieder Burda

A Joan Miró sculpture guards the front of this architecturally innovative gallery, designed by Richard Meier. The star-studded collection of modern and contemporary art, featuring Picasso, Gerhard Richter and Jackso…
Ruins in Baden-Baden

Römische Badruinen

The beauty-conscious Romans were the first to discover the healing properties of Baden-Baden’s springs in the city they called Aquae Aureliae. Slip back 2000 years on a tour of the well-preserved ruins of their bath…
Church in Baden-Baden

Russische Kirche

Beautiful, if a little incongrous, Baden-Baden's Byzantine-style 1882 Russian Church is topped with a brilliantly golden onion dome and lavishly adorned with frescos.
Church in Baden-Baden


The centrepiece of cobbled Marktplatz is this pink church, a hotchpotch of Romanesque, late Gothic and, to a lesser extent, baroque styles. Its foundations incorporate some ruins of the former Roman baths. Come in t…
Landmark in Baden-Baden


Standing proud above a manicured park, this neoclassical pump room was built in 1839 as an attractive addition to the Kurhaus. The 90m-long portico is embellished with 19th-century frescos of local legends. Baden-Ba…
Historic Building in Baden-Baden


The sublime casino seeks to emulate – indeed, outdo – the gilded splendour of Versailles. Marlene Dietrich called it ‘the most beautiful casino in the world’. Gents must wear a jacket and tie. If you’re not much of …
Gallery in Baden-Baden

Staatliche Kunsthalle

Sidling up to the Museum Frieder Burda is this sky-lit gallery, which showcases rotating exhibitions of contemporary art in neoclassical surrounds. Recently it zoomed in on the highly experimental works of Czech art…
Viewpoint in Baden-Baden

Mt Merkur

Though modest in height, 668m Mt Merkur commands wide-screen views of Baden-Baden and the Murg Valley. It’s a popular spot for paragliding, gentle hiking and family picnics. Buses 204 and 205 stop near the funicular…
Spring in Baden-Baden


Rheumatism, arthritis, respiratory complaints, skin problems – all this and a host of other ailments can, apparently, be cured by Baden-Baden’s mineral-rich spring water. If you’d rather drink the stuff than bathe i…
National Park in Baden-Baden

Nationalpark Schwarzwald

An outdoor wonderland of heather-speckled moors, glacial cirque lakes, deep valleys, mountains and near-untouched coniferous forest, the Black Forest National Park, which finally got the seal of approval (national p…