Bad Harzburg in detail

Flights & getting there


KVG Braunschweig bus 810 departs Bad Harzburg for Goslar (€4, 20 minutes) at regular intervals, via the cable-car station; bus 871 heads for Wernigerode (€4.60, one hour). Bus 820 shuttles almost hourly to Torfhaus (€4, 25 minutes).


Bad Harzburg is on the A395 to Braunschweig; the B4 and B6 lead to Torfhaus and Wernigerode, respectively.


Bad Harzburg station is located about 1km from the town centre and 2km from the main attractions. Frequent train services link Bad Harzburg with Goslar (€4.20, 12 minutes), Hannover (€22.30, 1¼ hours), Braunschweig (€14.20, 45 minutes) and Wernigerode (€13.30, 30 minutes).