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At home in a structural jewel of the renaissance The »Fugger and Welser Museum« is housed in a building that aims to bring to life the importance of Augsburg’s merchant families in the early 16th century. Prime examples of these illustrious citizens are the Fugger and Welser families, and the focus is on the main players, Jakob Fugger the Rich and Bartholomäus Welser V.Following the renovation of the significant and uniquely preserved fabric of this Renaissance building at 23 Äußeres Pfaffengäßchen, which was built around 1530, the museum has an appropriate home at the heart of Augsburg’s upper town.
The »Fugger and Welser Museum« is not just concerned with the histories of the Fugger and Welser families. We also tackle the economic history of Augsburg and Europe at the time of the »Commercial Revolution« and this angle runs like a constant thread through the museum. It is a tale of the weaving of fustian, of foreign trade, financial dealings and the mining industry, of innovations in technology, of the emerging postal service, of the beginnings of globalisation and of the feudal rights and land holdings of the Fuggers and the Welsers around Augsburg. Just as important is the contemporary display and presentation of museum content, which is why The Fugger and Welser Museum is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Interacting with the exhibitsAt the till at the entrance to the museum, each visitor is given a small sack of pepper. This is used throughout the building to activate the appropriate exhibits. There are exhibits for adults in German and English and children can interact on topics designed for them.

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