Zugdidi in detail

Flights & getting there

Zugdidi has two marshrutka hubs, one outside the train station, and a second, known as the Bridge bus station, just off Rustavelis qucha by an old stone watchtower in a busy market area. Most services depart from the train station, however. Departures include the following:

Batumi (12 GEL, three hours, eight daily)

Borjomi (15 GEL, four hours, 10am daily)

Kutaisi (7 GEL, 1½ hours, every 30 minutes, 7am and 7pm)

Mestia (20 GEL, three hours, leave when full between 6.30am and 3pm)

Tbilisi (15 GEL, 5½ hours, about hourly, 7am to midnight)

Extra marshrutky to Mestia usually meet the trains arriving from Tbilisi, though they may not leave until they are full: Zugdidi's hostels can usually arrange for Mestia marshrutky to come and pick you up. There is no public transport to the Abkhazian border post, so you'll need to take a taxi (10 GEL, 15 minutes).

A night train to Tbilisi (seat/2nd/1st class 7.50/17/30 GEL, nine hours) departs from Zugdidi's train station at 9.45pm. There’s also a faster day train to Tbilisi (2nd class 13 GEL, 5½ hours) departing 6.15pm daily.