Tusheti in detail


Walking & Horse Riding

Routes are numerous, though signage is erratic. The Tusheti Protected Areas Visitors Centre is helpful with information. It has lists of guesthouses along the routes, of which there are at least 40 in villages including Omalo, Shenaqo, Diklo, Chigho, Mirgvela, Dartlo, Chesho, Parsma, Girevi, Dochu and Verkhovani. On some longer routes you need to camp. You can hire horses as mounts or packhorses in some villages for 35 GEL to 40 GEL a day, along with a horseman/guide for 50 GEL to 70 GEL per day – the visitors centre can arrange these for you.

Omalo to Shenaqo and Shenaqo to Diklo are two good short walks of a couple of hours each (one-way) on vehicle tracks. Oreti Lake, about 9km south of Omalo (four or five hours’ walk), is a beautiful, panoramic destination and you can camp there overnight.