Must-see attractions in Tusheti

  • Dartlo


    Dartlo, 12km northwest of Omalo in the Pirikiti Alazani valley, is an extraordinarily picturesque village crowned by an impressive tower grouping,…

  • Keselo


    Constructed during the Mongol invasions during the 1230s, these five towers form a protective fortress on the hilltop above Zemo Omalo where locals would…

  • Dzveli Diklo


    About 2km past Diklo, which is 4km northeast of Shenaqo, the Dzveli Diklo fortress perches on a spectacular rock promontory looking east to Dagestan …

  • Shenaqo


    Shenaqo, a few kilometres east of Omalo, is one of the prettiest villages in Tusheti, with houses of stone, slate and rickety wooden balconies grouped…

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